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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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gwen stefani did while her boyfriend blake shelton was hosting the kids choice awards. >> hopefully if you're hoping to drop some lbs before thong season. we'll have two member was our joy fit club. they'll share the app that helped them. they're a married couple and lost a combined 250 pounds. we'll do our godwing stories. a man and his wife are here to tell us about the 40-day prayer challenge that could change your relationships and your life. >> a lot of people have been wondering if they turn on the tv for the last week or so, where is kathie lee? we have not said. now we can. >> yeah. ten days ago, i left from here to go to the holy land. to israel, specifically. i've been going to israel since been going. >> when did you first go? >> i was 17 years old.
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conference on biblical prophecyfphecyprophecy. i was a total nerd when i was a kid, went on bible prophesy. i missed my high school graduation. could have cared less. i was going to israel. >> okay. >> we are toasting with these beautiful goblets. >> are they wooden? >> uh-huh. i got these for you in bethlehem. >> we have to take a sip. >> yeah. >> somehow, it tastes better. >> yeah. a couple of pictures. all next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, beginning holy week, we'll have all the things that i shot. i was there with a tour group, as well. we don't go -- well, here i am. >> wait a minute. >> in the sea. >> do you have a bathing suit on in public? >> i did. >> you said you'd never. >> well, yeah. unfortunately, i did. that'll be part of -- >> here is your mud. >> what is this? >> mud from the dead sea. people come from all around the world to go to the dead sea.
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because of the incredible minerals that are there. all the health things and the beauty. >> put it on your face? >> you do, hoda. >> it's like a facial? >> it's a mask. >> thank you. >> here's a wooden camel. because i rode a guy named kojak. this family of camels have been taking people on rides. you'll see that next week too. >> beautiful carving. >> they're huge and disgustingly stinky but really fun. >> we like them. >> this ring has the lion of judah on it. boaz is the designer. put it on your bigger finger. >> barely fits. thanks a lot. >> it's meant to be there. >> doesn't fit. i told you, need to put it here. let me do it. let's get rid of joel's
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>> look at you, egyptian princess. aren't they beautiful? >> oh, my. >> won all kinds of design awards. >> stunning. >> really beautiful. also, brooke shields and janet jackson, they wear his jewelry. >> they do? what is this? >> chocolate tahina. >> wait, wait, i love tahina. >> you can't even believe how many hundreds of flavors. from spicy to mango to chocolate, to this. a lot of flavors. >> do you put it on a cracker? >> do anything you want. made from sesame seeds. all healthy. on the day i left, i ran into jeffrey downstairs and told him where i was going. he said, israel has become the top gastronomical place in the world for food. it's on the cutting edge of all things great food. >> i didn't know that. can i double dip or is it gross? >> it's all yours. >> oh, it is? >> all yours. save a little space. this is wine flavored from the market, where they sell over 100
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>> what is that? >> i don't know. have a bite. doesn't look great. >> it's great. wine flavored. it's good. no cream in it. >> looks like liverwurst. >> it's not. >> hmm. it's good. >> isn't that great? >> it is wine flavored. >> here are pictures as hoda enjoys her feast. >> delicious. where is that? >> i can't see that far. >> you said you could see -- >> that's the monastery. as you walk the jericho road leading to jerusalem, and they did that three times a year for the festivals in ancient times. this is a place built into the -- only way to get there is walk. >> you went with your kids? >> they came. my granddaughter, frank's
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and dear friends. my david pomeranz, david and i wrote about 12 songs for this trip. next week after you see the different things, the different segments, you can download them. we wanted that to be a gift for everybody to have. we went all around israel singing these songs. it was very, very cool. here are highlights from the trip and proof i was thinking about hoda. take a look. hoda, i couldn't come all the way to jerusalem without bringing you along. this is kojak. you can tell he is a camel. i thought this would be perfect because nobody likes to good hump better than you. hi, hoda. this is a little bagel. she likes it. not too much, hoda. don't chew with your mouth open. >> part of the residential palace of harrod himself.
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rest. she wants a little vino too. >> yeah. >> patience. >> i have my white and you have your red. people here love americans, hoda. well, you're egyptian. they love you, too. miss you. >> my egyptian sun goddess should have been with me. but you are with me. so it's all perfect. i love you, hoda woman. bye-bye. >> i've been telling my friend michael here that you are my favorite stick in the mud. i miss you so much right now. >> by the way -- >> who was that guy in the water with you? >> a top male model, michael lewis, in israel. they call him abs or something like that.
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-- lost my glasses there that day. my chanel. >> are those the white ones? >> they're black. >> christy hates the white ones. >> i got the black ones. look how happy michael and i look. >> i'm oddly positioned. >> hoda is oddly positioned. >> that's what i was saying. >> oh, my gosh! >> it was a great trip. it's all i can say. >> oh, my gosh. anyway -- we'll have pieces all next week. >> monday, tuesday and wednesday because it's the beginning of holy week. >> it wasn't the same without you. >> i heard jenna did a great job as always. >> people were wondering where we didn't say. now. >> these are yours. your gifts. one last one at the end of the show for favorite things. >> good. the good news is, because i'm jet lagged, it's national napping day. >> yes, it is. you're supposed to take an hour nap to get back the hour you lost because of daylight savings time.
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up, or when you nap, do you go in a deep slumber? >> i get a deep one and don't -- i love it because i don't get that during the middle of the night. >> so you take it during the day? >> yes. on weekends, i love it. >> they said you should have a cup of coffee and take a 20-minute power nap. it takes 20 minutes to kick in. once it kicks in, you're awake. >> coffee in the middle east -- >> delicious. is it like thick? >> that's like a turkish, but just a regular coffee, everything is better. everything tastes better. smells better. except with kojak. they played a trick on me. if you go there and you're on the mount of olives and you're lucky enough to get off koj ak, don't let the guy tell you to go ride him on the front, on his
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it's a trick. >> riding kojack's little neck? >> it's not little. they're 20 feet tall. >> when they get up and down, it's scary. >> you have to lean back, and it's counterintuitive. you want to go like that. >> we rode them when we were kids. >> of course you did. >> we were terrified. >> saw more kids trying on top of kojak. they really are foul. >> can we show ariana grande? she was on "snl." she's good at impersonations. they did a spoof on jay-z's streaming service that wasn't working well and was having issues. they were asking her character, who was playing an intern, if she could sing and fill in the gaps as the streaming stops. take a look at some of her impressions. >> can you sing like britney spears? >> kind of. >> people need their britney spears. oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know that something wasn't right
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>> we just lost celine dion. there were nights when the wind was so cold that by body frozen bare as i listen to it right outside the window >> shall we go for it! >> well done. celine dion is at 100%. now we're losing whitney houston. and i will always love you i will always love you >> is that amazing? >> unbelievable. >> she's a great talent. >> oh, my gosh. >> great talent. >> if you have any old toys that happen to be hanging around you house -- >> they have to be in the original boxes, right? >> i know. who has that? >> people do. amanda. >> of course she does. >> you can sell them on ebay for
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here are some of the toys. if they're packaged up, they can make big money. easy bake oven. never opened -- why would you buy it and not open it? >> some people think things through, hoda. they're thinking, someday, this is going to be worth a lot. >> there you go. $300 if you have an easy bake oven. if you have a game boy system with tetris, back from the flintstone days, that's big. $650. the original furby, $900. if you have barbie dolls from 1959 to the '60s, the price is $2,500. that's the first edition princess diana beany baby. if you have a princess diana beanie baby with the original tag, you get $500,000. >> only 14 of them. >> exactly. >> wow. >> stick around. you'll love the favorite things
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oo >>hehat. >>haen witko oo it. g to host it,t esis fan ba i, , ery lo "the voe"e him ssib t. ags, io heoi ar. dt's a huge honor i went y it h g io. it all yave to talt ciar ruel s ball i lear. he atbalpl for seah.>> whato u mene in' . haracd ryve bta well,popp piure. e t ing goe x l
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meo sean of ek >>sp toy it lan carn e ere by sl.
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are li y tos.o why you were chosen. dly,ecy lo y, w h heget thh ys. >>as ful. reas. ort a coti devotech ryaye admiieee a res how s ou ith. >>hank ytie. i apprect. timeo yourto st econ ane gue t ig to win.aby?eady. onte vi pauy jn us veelathi. what is cd? tal tk vegu k >>uy-a. >> y, jamie. >> good rl >> you're going on a fabulous vacation. u ana guest willto chicagdand three
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rategreas. >>fun y wey toths oflu whe tin avin ee e j y cane .verooff . wea , mufra, more nds mb ot t af "t" nuof jopack, jo h a he >>saa. the . e eyon cencos gh lobut eywe're gointo tertent, all.
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same te?s that shehand reacou sed the 5prog ted rug anusing th i i boimikhi biay>>nt didn'wa i ange linr ht te ted th . g did e toe it ok mabout tltwo ealthyay. e keptt f r two e t's teamort. eison, heoes in whto syou, use s wth cooking. >>h. >> ts h kes inhe slocook 's acken andckn chil t s hr. e nirv it wi ce. anr nit,ut it in as
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adachoerdiwa es and dish ea. 'ltwt it out aft thci >> iov >> h ne. i kw. eat ongrul oud ofuy bl >>hank their world uricff inous. first stoua.
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grr sefr, therdaer, ca'r l aboul u how might be ablto change yo life in 15es a day. s calledpartnered prayer. it's a daily habit for squire rushnell ais wife louise duart. they wte allut it in thr new ok. it's the "40ay prayer challenge."
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psychologists islswi whn w ifor youreathere t the alspt to >> hi, kids. >> hello, everybody. >> been together a long time. >> 16 years. >> guess what? you only hav do nu k wothe s sothelleas go. iv ys. lle s kee ha pplhingouow anwoo oubau aot oe t g ide ro 's opeur h totood it'igg m pe tug >> i s a fo tbe abwhich wel to, who u t peop d'tnoouon >> y nab sto e ldatge
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in y i my wife cup ofe anbagey morng. >>ribe herbay?er 7, brincoffbagett w w e. hthe ffl, wprayhe hey' bprg >>ningn ur yot the bagel an co. hap elthir fhing's >> sn th arainint,nd weray lo monaur-aw l s t fihaing god.weay the g, ift up ganasyou ve. nxio him p r onnnss d,e ve them vo wi t setting into re al, anhingt' n l . aonde at sayin myou hearic
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ord here y >>perft. >> sh eecit. s at i sai if n'pet,uesswh, yoot goi >>gh wer i >> l bng dal icas well iovu'moating,nd w you careteo o lk, e e r platio to doitour -bng whenheay/o on t acti that chans. ofthco aiickens tive ay to the's wone r.a millutel opavf sion. e le to deh stress we a tha
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in te tlo a treericult. tewn r mesmro g down. reoedown. opavsurg recor . e uds on al steomainm le ntro l in a thidt before. >> cf st itl b a bayuniversity. be fstht >> yesfive0 days. it's so ea n't stou a t goo the "t d y abo i thank you smu thaall. odyou. ouvohingar et >> do? ts toy" ithod
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>>gh ti f ogs i s thinbout ha e meas what d w - >>ha id thofoing tohe valle w davidmokego is s. a oh,y kr stonanwheru g tow it th is ho pnaston i i le it. it since onfromywnitl ht n t augstore. i'ell you ic lyuick.
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keowni, crch delicio hod >>'t anxs ghw. ewla ye the taste. pl ]y'us. heod had le hey're it fl erisste? ig tnk>>ovyo ad tbek . ts will be next ek starting on monday. i loveou. >> look at my stone. >> tomorrow we have shirley mcclain and helen mirr. two oscar winners. plus, cooking up comfort od. e in" ng d
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to t dugr aktheilence after yeaal >> hokis bt trakol f >>d jessa be . >>e h an fter hbaod toe re details of himoacnt >> fprayforusban >andumbe si mariah carey's family feud. whe her brother just called her a witch. >> i was like why are you so obsessed with me? >> gina lohan comes to us as she faces offith her ex-husband michael. >> y're a pathological liar. >> can the family heal after ye p


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